Chelsea Clarke Interview on theBlogIncubator

Ditch Your 9-5 Day Job – Chelsea Clarke Interview of HerPaperRoute

Welcome to the 7th Experts Interview Series on The Blog Incubator. 

Where I, Shakir Jamal share some of the best stories and advices from the best bloggers and internet marketers and discover their secrets for you to benefit from. 

This is the interview of Chelsea Clarke where I will be discovering some of her marketing strategies for you to make more paper and be your own boss.

Chelsea Clarke has been a professional Marketing Strategist and blogger for over 10 years, and she now earns her fulltime living from blogging.

She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to take radical action by moonlighting their way to success.

So, without any further ado let's reveal some of the exclusive marketing strategies with Chelsea for you to achieve financial freedom.

Shakir: Hey, Chelsea. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

Chelsea: Thank you so much for having me here, Shakir. I'm the founder of  entrepreneurship blog and podcast HerPaperRoute and  HerPaperRoute Academy.

I also offer a marketplace and brokerage service, where you can buy and sell profitable websites over at  Blogs For Sale.co.

I help entrepreneurs start, grow and scale their creative business.

Shakir: What convinced you to start your blog and what does your blog's name mean?

Chelsea: I started HerPaperRoute as an outlet to share marketing, money and business resources, as that has always been my passion.

The name refers to money (paper) and route (the plan you will create, to make more money). It also refers to what is traditionally a child's first job, a paper route delivering newspapers.

The name is all about setting goals to become financially fit. 

Shakir: How did you achieve your financial freedom?

Chelsea: Something that really helped me reach financial freedom was believing that it was possible, and changing my mindset about earning and wealth.

I have always been good about saving money, and finding ways to increase my earnings.

But even so, for most of my twenties I had the wrong mindset about money, and found myself jumping from job to job, and never really getting ahead. Because I didn't understand the power of the Internet to its full extent.

I thought I had to have a day/night job just to stay afloat. When actually, spending time being an employee at someone else's company was actually keeping me down.

All of those hours spent working for someone else could have been spent on my own business, working for myself for 20x the profit.

Once I realized that my employment was actually limiting my wealth, everything changed. I quit my job and went full-in on my sidehustles.

It paid off and within 6 months I had replaced my paycheck many times over.

So my advice here would be to not second-guess yourself. And not to waste your time - use your precious time to grow your own company.

No matter what it is you love doing, just believe in it and go for it. 

Shakir: How do you inspire women and other people to believe in their business idea?

Chelsea: I try my very best to encourage my amazing readers, students and clients to believe in their ideas and always remind them not to listen to all the naysayers of the world.

When you are starting a business - it's a precious time. You really need to put your head down and do the work - and ignore everyone else's "good intentions".

Your well-meaning family and friends who tell you you 'shouldn't' or 'can't' are not helping you succeed.

I've found that by sharing my own story it can be helpful, but I really enjoy sharing the stories of other successful women entrepreneurs more.

So that's what I started the HerPaperRoute podcast. 

Shakir: Tell us a bit about marketing strategies which you teach on your blog.

Chelsea: Great question! I specialize in growth-hacking strategies primarily. So I teach things that anyone can do, without spending any money on advertising.

On the HerPaperRoute blog we cover affiliate marketing, social media marketing, Pinterest marketing, and email marketing just to name a few. As there are many, many aspects of growing a business with marketing. You'll find tons of free resources there. 

And when you want to go deeper, I have individual courses if you want to learn a specific skill, or you can enroll in all the courses at a discount, as an epic course bundle.

Shakir: How are you currently making money from your blog and helping people make money along the way?

Chelsea: Affiliate marketing is my favorite way to monetize a blog, and it's why I teach it with such passion.

I truly believe that learning affiliate marketing can help so many people in this world in earning more income for themselves, their families and their communities.

I've been earning a good living from affiliate marketing for over a decade now, and I am overjoyed to get to share all the strategies that I've learned and developed over the years.

The way that I do it, is I create niche blogs and monetize them with different affiliate products. I've done beauty blogs, tech sites, travel sites, and so on.

I develop the blog to the point that it is making a good monthly income, and then I sell it, and move on to the next project.  

Shakir: What’s your thought on ditching 9-5 day job?

Chelsea: Oh my gosh! Do it! Ditch it now! 

Shakir: And final question - How can people get in touch with you?

Chelsea: I can be found over at HerPaperRoute.com, on Instagram @HerPaperRoute, and in our private membership lounge for bloggers and entrepreneurs, which you can join for free right here!

 I'd love to connect with everyone. 

If you’d like to learn more about Chelsea Clarke and her high value marketing tips, I warmly recommend that you check out her site at HerPaperRoute.com

That's it from the seventh Experts Interview Series.

Thanks again to Chelsea for taking the time and sharing your valuable wisdom with all of us.

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