Lidiya K Interview

Let’s Reach Success by Earning Passive Income Online with Lidiya – An Interview

Welcome to the 8th Experts Interview Series on The Blog Incubator. 

Where I, Shakir Jamal share some of the best stories and advice from the best bloggers and internet marketers and discover their secrets for you to benefit from. 

This is the interview of Lidiya where I will be discovering the exclusive secrets of earning passive income to reach the success you deserve.

Lidiya K Interview

Lidiya is a full-time blogger, lifestyle designer and the founder of Let's Reach Success.

She's helped thousands of people designing their ideal life and achieving financial freedom with the help of internet.

So, without any further ado let's reveal some of the exclusive secrets of earning passive income online. 

So you can become your own boss and live your best life.

Shakir: Hey, Lidiya. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

Lidiya: I’m Lidiya, a blogger and lifestyle designer and the creator of Let’s Reach Success.

I’m from Bulgaria (Europe) and was once so passionate about personal development and lifestyle design that I made a career out of it.

I refused to live the average lifestyle so I pursued making money online (first freelance writing for clients and now full-time blogging), doing what I love, and location independence.

My income online has allowed me to move to my favorite country - the Netherlands, continue doing my work from there and have a great new life.

I took blogging seriously a few years ago and turned it into my full-time business.

There’s always something new to work on and the excitement never goes away. 

I believe anyone can achieve the same so through my blog, free content and digital products, I show people how I did it so they can replicate the steps.

Shakir: What convinced you to start your blog?

Lidiya: I started my blog because I simply felt like writing. I didn’t even know how blogging worked or that it was possible to make a career out of it back then.

Over the years, I explored many other blogs and learned from them, published a ton of content, mastered the basics of WordPress and getting traffic to a blog, until eventually I made my first money blogging.

Once that happened, I made it my goal to turn that into a full-time income.

Most of the success stories of bloggers I hear happened this way too. 

They never knew the blog could turn into a 5 or 6 figure business, but just wanted to share their knowledge with the world or stay accountable by posting about their journey regularly.

Transparency and useful information online always get attention, and that can be monetized. So I can recommend this business model to anyone looking to build something online.

Shakir: How did you turn your blog Let's Reach Success into a 5-figure online business?

Lidiya: While some bloggers did that in just a year or two, my journey was longer.

But that’s also because I was forming the mindset necessary to believe things can get bigger, I can live a lifestyle by design and earn enough - mostly passively - to live anywhere I want and be my own boss.

I grew the income slowly, as you can see from my income reports here.

As for traffic, that happened organically at first. Google was my main source of traffic for many years and that was mainly due to having a lot of content (long-form, useful and optimized) and being interested in SEO.

However, that’s a long-term goal. Also, it was time to diversify my traffic and not put all my eggs in one basket.

So I turned to Pinterest as it’s a great source of quick traffic for bloggers, new or advanced.

I took a course and implemented all the steps, after which - together with more SEO strategies in order to grow organic traffic - I was able to get to 100,000 page views a month and keep it for some time.

That automatically grew my ad revenue, which is pure passive income.

Shakir: How do you help people earn passive income and what are its consequences?

Lidiya: Let’s Reach Success started as a personal development blog, but now covers anything related to financial freedom.

The main categories are Making Money Online, Business, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle Design, Finance, and Blogging.

There are multiple ways to earn passive income, such as through trading, real estate, eCommerce, starting an Amazon business, niche sites, blogging, etc.

All these are covered on the blog in detail, but blogging is what I found success with so it has its own category.

The 4 main ways to monetize a blog include advertising, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and selling digital products. 

A combination of all is ideal as it means having more than 1 passive income stream and also diversifying your income.

So when something happens with 1 revenue stream, you keep making money every month from the others.

I have a free course called The Passive Income Boss that covers all this.

I help people earn passive income by providing all this information for free (and through my premium blogging course Financial Freedom Through Blogging).

I share the steps to get started with an online business that can generate passive income, share tips and strategies to grow, and also encourage people to actually get started and believe it’s possible.

The benefits of earning such income include: making money while you sleep, being able to grow it and quit your day job, having peace of mind and not worrying about unexpected bills or other emergencies, paying off debt, and using this freedom to travel and make the most of your time.

Shakir: What's the best thing ever that happened to you while turning your side hustle into your career?

Lidiya: Having the opportunity to work from home is amazing and I enjoy it. I also go to co-working places and cafes and find true joy in the work I do daily.

Structuring my days the way I want and doing only the kind of work I want is also something that makes me satisfied with my life and helps me keep going.

The next best thing is the chance to design my whole life the way I want by leaving my home country and moving to another one, as well as the opportunity to travel and still do my work online and earn money.

Shakir: How are you currently making money from your blog and helping people live their best lives at the same time?

Lidiya: My biggest income stream is sponsored content, which happens through working with brands.

I’ve pitched many in the past, have some regular clients, but also new ones find me all the time. We usually communicate via email to arrange a collaboration.

I also earn from advertising. The ad network I use is Mediavine and I’m really happy with their service and the smooth experience.

Next, I earn from affiliate marketing (from commissions of the sales of products I’ve used and which I recommend to my audience).

Finally, I sell digital products (courses, eBooks and printables) and that’s part of my monthly income too. I’m working hard to grow this revenue stream and replace sponsorships with it in the future.

The most genuine and practical way in which I can help people is by sharing my blogging journey and the exact numbers in my monthly income reports, so they can see anyone can make money blogging and apply the strategies I teach.

Shakir: What tips you would like to give to people who want to become their own boss?

Lidiya: They need to find their niche. It must be something they are passionate about, know a bit about (and are willing to learn a lot about) and - of course - make sure it’s a profitable niche (that can be confirmed by finding other blogs in the industry that earn money).

Next, starting a website is a must. So many people email me all the time and say they’ve been thinking about starting a blog, yet they don’t take the plunge.

But the only initial investment is paying for hosting (which can be as little as a few dollars per month). The rest is the time and effort you invest to grow that blog.

The sooner you start it, the better. Because no matter what online business you decide to build, you need a platform of your own.

Shakir: And final question - How can readers get in touch with you?

Lidiya: Feel free to directly email me at lidiya [at] letsreachsuccess.com

If you’d like to learn more about Lidiya and her high value money making wisdom, I warmly recommend that you check out her site at Let'sReachSuccess.com

And you can also check out her FREE course on earning passive income online here.

That's it from the 8th Experts Interview Series.

Thanks again to Lidiya for taking the time and sharing your valuable wisdom with all of us.

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