How to Make Money Blogging

The Ultimate Guide to “Make Money Blogging” Fast

Can an average person make money blogging?

The answer is YES.

But before we go any further I want to be specific here unlike many other so called “Gurus” who give you their wisdom about making money blogging.

So let’s begin.

How much could you earn from your blog?

100 dollars? 1000 dollars? No?

What about six figures?


Heck, what about a million dollars a month?

According to a recent research done by Forbes they found out the revenue of 10 wildly-successful blogs that earn outlandish incomes, and Huffington Post came number 1.

Huff post income report

Huffington Post makes $14,000,000 revenue per month.

Look anything is possible, but the condition is you must match the level.

Your blog’s revenue is totally dependent on your skills.

By skills I mean –

  • Are you capable of creating high quality content.
  • Are you capable of driving targeted traffic to your blog. (More the better).
  • And can you convert your targeted audience into your raving fans who will be your lifetime customers?

And many more things which you’re going to learn in this article.

But the above three points are the fundamentals of monetizing a blog and making money online.

In fact, the end goal for almost every blogger is to be able to create a blog that eventually turns into a profitable business and perhaps even replace their current job or income stream.

Either way you’re going to make money blogging if you follow the advice given in this article and take massive action on them.

But before we jump into the meat of this article I wanna discuss one very basic question I get to hear a lot and that is –

How long does it take to make money from a blog? 

Well, let me just say this, if you’re looking for a fast way to make money, blogging isn’t it. It takes time and hard work.

There are some wisdom in this article I wish I knew at the beginning, and I think they’ll make things go a lot more quickly for you, but there’s no getting around.

It’s going to take time to get there.

However, just like anything, the more you put in the more you get out.

The two keys are consistency and a willingness to learn. 

Without them, it’s very difficult to earn much money from your blog.

Creating high quality content 

Everything starts with a solid foundation and your content is the one.

No one is going to listen to you if your content is sh*t.

One of the best ways to get people listen to you and come to your blog is by creating interesting content.

You don’t need to be a world class writer.

All that you have to do is create content for your audience which is within your niche that has succeeded before.

You then have to create something similar but more thorough.

This way you will position yourself as an expert at something and nobody denies an expert.

Let’s say my niche is “blogging” and I want to create an article on "Becoming a Successful Blogger".

I will then search how to become a successful blogger on Google.

How to become a successful blogger

Then I will notice some of the high ranking articles and if I think I can beat them in content wise then only I will continue with that topic.

Condition is your content must be thorough, in depth, better and ridiculously long.

Another pro tip is to use visuals and images as much as you can.

People these days are used to visuals (thanks to Instagram) so, to make your high value article interesting, add images and make it more appealing.

Researches has shown that colored visuals increases a person’s willingness to read by 80%.

In short,


To learn more about creating a viral blog post read my in-depth article.

Driving targeted traffic to your blog

I’ll be straight and to the point - without readers your blog will never make money.

You must be getting at least 1000 visitors a day on your blog in order to think about making money blogging.

You need new readers and faithful ones that will keep coming back and spread the word.

How do you get people to come to your blog in the first place?

And, once you get them there how do you keep them?

We are going to learn all these, just keep reading.

Search Engine Traffic – 

Pay attention to keywords and phrases when you publish your blog posts and other pages.

These will help your blog rank higher in the search engines and bring targeted visitors (those really interested in what you have to say) to you.

Comment on Other Blogs – 

Find blogs that fit with yours and visit them, read what the author posts and make comments on their posts.

When you make comments on other blogs you are normally given the opportunity to link to your site.

Social shares – 

Promote everything you create on your blog shamelessly.

Always be sharing your blog post on social media like Twitter, Pinterest, Linked-in, etc...

This is one the best ways to opening doors for targeted traffic to your blog.

Answer on Forums – 

Keep answering on forums like Quora with a link and you will get some targeted traffic from that.

If the question gets viral you will be getting referral traffic to your site for life.

For more targeted and FREE traffic to your blog click here to learn the secrets of Pinterest traffic.

Converting visitors into raving fans 

This is by far the most important lesson of em all.

Money is in the list

By that I mean, the possibility of earning six figures or more from your blog lies here.

It will give you power.

The power of targeted traffic, money and freedom.

The success of any blog is all about growth and bringing your readers back to your site on a daily and weekly basis.

Many of your visitors will simply forget the name of your site, or will just be too busy to ever return.

The truth is, the majority of people that visit your site for the first time will likely never come back.

Building a mailing list is one of the best ways to keep your readers coming back for more, while also increasing your readership on a daily basis.

And here comes the sucker part.

You will then be able to send emails promoting your products, affiliates products and what not.

The fact that, they are in your email list at the first place means that they trust you and they will more likely to buy from you or from your recommendations.

So, building an email list is the most important foundation to make money blogging on a regular basis.

How to get visitors in your mailing list?

Create a Free eBook / Bonus / workshop / webinar / video series etc…

Creating a FREE guide or something of value is an excellent way to build your email list.

Which you can use to promote your stuffs and make real money blogging.

Build your email list on demand with this in-depth article here.

We have done a lot of foundational part till now, it’s really time for some money making moves.

Money making moves

There are a lot of different possible ways to monetize your blog and here’re some of them listed for you.

Start with any, and you will make money blogging right off the bat if you follow this article religiously.

1. Do Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and the fastest ways to make money online.

You don’t have to create any course, you don’t have to set up the sales page, checkout page, thank you page, customer support, nothing.

All you have to do is help other businesses get the leads and customers.

In fact, one study done on TripAdvisor, it was found that TripAdvisor is one of the biggest success stories in affiliate marketing. You can have a look at their business model here.


They mostly make their money from travel companies and selling high-quality leads. And are a fantastic example of affiliate marketing done right.

You will just refer the products, services to your audience, the audience you control and have (your email list). If they buy from your refer link you will get commission.

Here’s what the refer link is.

Refer link is the link which you will get once you become an affiliate of some specific product and course.

They will provide you the refer link with which you can track how many sales you have made for them so they give your the split.

There are plenty of places to go to find affiliate marketing opportunities. Many websites such as Amazon and eBay have affiliate programs.

become an affiliate

Your favorite website or company may even have an affiliate program and it can’t hurt to look, especially if they are related to your blog.

You can also find affiliate marketing opportunities on websites that specialize in connecting companies with publishers.

The good thing about using one of these websites is that you have a huge list of products to choose from and the website will manage your payments and track your selling statistics.

Here is a list of websites you can use to find affiliate marketing opportunities.

Clickbank The most popular affiliate marketing website, Clickbank offers bloggers a dizzying array of products to market as an affiliate.

All of their products are digital products, such as e-books and reports.

You can find things on virtually every product, sorted by category. So no matter what you blog is about, chances are that you can find an affiliate product on Clickbank.

There's a opportunity to make huge bucks from ClickBank. Since most of the seller gives the affiliates upto 75% commission which is pretty cool.

CJ Affiliate This affiliate website operates in much the same way as Clickbank. Companies add their products to the CJ affiliate marketplace and publishers add links to these products in their blogs.

CJ affiliate offers a wider variety of products, however, some require visitors to buy a product for you to get paid and others require visitors to sign up for newsletters or fill out a form.

Rakuten Advertising Another affiliate website that connects affiliates with products to market.

You can pick from a wide variety of products to market on your blog and just like CJ affiliate, you do not always have to sell something in order to get paid. 

Sometimes the required action is to get visitors to sign up for a newsletter or fill out a form in order to get paid.

Now, once you get the links to the products from those sites, its time for promotion -

Promotion of products - 

1. Blog Post Promotion

Simply use affiliate links inside your blog posts and then promote those posts. But make sure you write highly targeted posts.

In other words write posts based on the Buyer Intent.

It means that -

These are the keywords people search on Google before they’re about to buy something.

For example -

Which [product/service] should I buy?

Discount for [product]

Discount coupon for [product]

Best [product/service] in recent years?

2. Giving Coupon Codes

Offering your readers a discount is one the most effective ways to build a loyal fan base and make a lot of money in affiliate marketing.

When you offer the readers a discount on the product they’re already interested in buying [see buyer intent above], you create a Win-Win scenario for everyone.

3. Writing How-To articles

If your product is technical, especially if it’s a SaaS product, then this technique will work wonders for your affiliate income.

All you have to do is provide a lot of value in your article, teach your readers everything from the beginning and as you go, add affiliate links in your article and tell them to buy through that.

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money from your blog. Remember to keep your marketing attempts natural and try not to “sell,” rather rate and inform.

Most affiliate websites that connect you with products to market will keep track of your earnings and statistics which makes them very convenient.

Please NOTE:
I recommend you to test the product on yourself first and if you’re satisfied with the product and think it can help your audience, then only refer them to your loyal readers.

Always add an affiliate disclaimer in your articles or at least in the footer of your blog if you’re doing affiliate marketing.

Your readers have the right to know this.

In fact, one research conducted by an entrepreneur and an award winning author Jonathan Fields about adding affiliate disclosure.

He found out 76% people chose the affiliate link while 24% chose the non-affiliate links.

What he did was, he wrote down a product review article along with a review video, and posted it on his website.

He put these two different call-to-action links at the end of the post:

And he was surprised by the result after analyzing this technique.

3 out of 4 people wanted him to earn commission and this is a powerful thing in internet marketing world.

Plus, this transparency builds a great relationship with your readers and help your community being comfortable interacting with your content.

2. Create and Sell Your Own Information Products 

You need to create and sell. You need to give value to your readers.

To finally be making money of your dreams from your blog this is the most preferred way. Here you will be controlling your revenue but this is not easy either.

You will be needing to spend a lot of time, efforts and money creating your own products.

There is no such reality as something for nothing

If you help your readers by your expertise, they will reciprocate.

They will want to consume your stuffs. They will want to buy from you.

So, here’s what you need to do. You need to pack your expert information called info-products and sell to your audience.

Examples of info-products-

eBook, eCourse, reports, checklist, roadmap, worksheets etc… You get the idea.

Basically what I’m telling is to sell your information. The packaging of your information products can be in PDF format, audio or video files.

You can write your book and use for its design. You can even hire a designer on to get your book designed for you for as low as $5.

If you want to go the extra mile you can get your premium eCourse done. With audio files, video files, transcripts etc…

For that you will need to shoot your video, record your voice, transcribe it and pack it.

Later comes the selling part.

You can sell your information products directly from your blog. Or send an email to your email list.

Letting them know about your information products that it can help solve their queries and their burning pains.

In fact, one of the best bloggers Alex and Lauren from Create & Go made $134k in December 2019.

And you will be shocked to know that 60% of their revenue came from selling their own digital products and services.

That’s how powerful selling your own digital product is.

3. Offer one-on-one coaching 

Coaching and training are great options for making money as a blogger, especially if you’re really good at what you do and it’s something that there is a market for.

So, along with having your own eBook, eCourses, you also need to serve your potential customers exclusively.

You can give them exclusive training by offering one-on-one coaching from you and you can charge them.

Decide your packages and promote them across your blog, email list, your social media, your private groups etc…

No matter what you niche is, there are always people who want the VIP treatment and the best way to give them what they want is by offering them private coaching especially when you’re starting out.

It doesn’t need some fancy stuff. All you will need is some data about your potential customers. Their email address, phone number or the Skype id and you will be good to go.

4. Sell advertising space 

This is a pretty straight forward concept and it involves offering space on your website for others to place banners and text ads.

But this will only be lucrative when you will have enough traffic on your blog.

There are plenty of ad networks you can join such as Google adsense, Mediavine, AdThrive, Adskeeper etc…

Each of them has their requirements such as monthly minimum traffic, original content etc…

So make sure your blog doesn’t have any scraped content and have enough traffic.

To know the requirements you can head to their website and you will find it while filling up the application.

So don’t mind becoming a publisher. It will not only give you extra cash but also help monetize those visitors who don’t take any action other than leaving your website.

5. Do Sponsored Posts

Once you have a big online presence and get plenty of visitors a month then you can do Sponsored posts or Paid to post programs.

All you’ll have to do is contact the product owners and if they agree to work with you then you can write a simple article highlighting their product and make money from it.

If you’re blogging for a while now and know what your audience are looking for, you would probably have a product in mind to recommend them.

Just contact the product owner telling you have a loyal fan base who want their XYZ problem solved.

You’re looking for the best product to recommend them and your research is over.

They would gladly make you their affiliate or just pay you up front for writing about their products or services.

6. CPA Marketing

It’s basically another form of affiliate marketing as you have to drive your traffic or readers to other people’s links to make money, but I really felt this one needed a section of its own.

So, first of all CPA stands for Cost per Action or Cost per Acquisition.

But why its different from Affiliate Marketing is that its action driven.

So, the person who goes through your link has to take a specific action for you to make money from that click.

The action could be as simple as filling out a form to downloading a software.

Some of my favorite CPA networks to join are -

And as far as promotion goes, you could use the same tactics as affiliate marketing.

But one more thing, that is:

Landing Pages

An example of CPA Landing Page –

cpa landing page

The page where your reader will land on when they click your link.

Its an often underlooked part of CPA marketing and that’s why people don’t make money from it.

So, make sure that the advertiser’s landing page converts and resonates with your article.

I hope you found what you were looking for.

Apply every single piece of information given in this article and your blog will make money in no time.

And always remember two of the most important blog revenue generators are affiliate marketing and selling you own digital products.

If you take anything from this article, I want it to be the above paragraph.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

Have you made any money blogging?

If yes, then how much money you have made in your blogging career so far.

Either way let me know, cause I also love to hear your stories and money making ideas.

About the Author Shakir Jamal

Shakir is a professional Internet Marketer and blogger who helps ambitious men and women build profitable blogs and scale to $10,000 (or more) per month in 90 days (or less), so they can replace their 9-5 rat race income with a laptop passive income.