Marcie Hill Interview

Marcie Hill Interview – Become a Successful Blogger

Welcome to the fifth Experts Interview Series on The Blog Incubator. 

Where I, Shakir Jamal share some of the best stories and advice from the best bloggers and internet marketers and discover their secrets for you to benefit from. 

This is the interview of Marcie Hill where I will be discovering the exclusive secrets to becoming a successful blogger.

Marcie Hill Interview

Marcie Hill is a writer, blogger, trainer and author with over 16 years of writing experience.

She has been published on Forbes for giving tremendous value on writing a captivating bio. 

In 2008, she left her job just to pursue her dream of writing and today she has established herself as one of the best writer. 

So, without any further ado let's reveal some of the exclusive secrets about podcasting from the father of podcasts.

Shakir: How did you get started in the world of online business and blogging?

Marcie: In 2008, I was transitioning to a writing career and someone from a prominent magazine told me to start a blog to create content that would serve as my portfolio.

I started blogging, fell in love with it and have been blogging ever since.

Shakir: What is the focus of your blog and what led you to this?

Marcie: Previously, my blog Marcie Writes shared information on writing, blogging and self-publishing.

Currently, I'm transitioning to new topics but haven't selected them yet.

Shakir: What's your thought on Blogging in 2020? Does it still work?

Marcie: Blogging will never go away.

In fact, it is highly recommended if you want to establish yourself as a thought-leader on a topic; to enhance your online presence; or to develop your writing skills.

Shakir: If you were to start all over again. What would you do differently?

Marcie: I would start earning money on my blog sooner. I blogged for three years before realizing it was an online business and should be treated as such.

I would have also started charging for my writing services sooner.

Shakir: What are your 3 favorite blogs? 

Marcie: Problogger by Darren Rowse, Awesomely Luvvie by Luvvie Ajay and I'm Just Sharing by Mitch Mitchell.

Shakir: How are you currently making money from your blog? Any monetization strategy you could share with the readers?

Marcie: I make money from freelance writing, sponsored posts, speaking, consulting and book sales.

Shakir: What's the best advice YOU ever got on how to succeed online?

Marcie: The best advice I got was to never give up. Blogging is a lot of work.

In addition to creating content, you have to learn SEO, marketing strategies and other skills to succeed online.

Shakir: And final question - How can readers get in touch with you?

Marcie: I can be reached on my contact page on Marcie Writes, Twitter @marcie_hill and LinkedIn Marcie Hill.

If you’d like to learn more about Marcie Hill and her high value writing advice, I warmly recommend that you check out her site at MarcieWrites.

And you can also check out one of her best work which will help in your writing career tremendously 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block.

That's it from the fifth Experts Interview Series.

Thanks again to Marcie for taking the time and sharing your valuable wisdom with all of us.

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