Niche Marketing Strategies

Niche Marketing Strategies to Make $9,997+ From Your Blog

This article is a definitive guide to building niche sites and making money from it, FAST! 

After making $18,199 from my niche sites only last month. 

income report

I felt like its time I share some of my dirty little secrets to making money from niche sites. 

Let’s begin. 

What is a NICHE? 

A niche is a small, very specific portion of an entire market. 

Example - 

1. Total Market: Fitness 
Niche: Weight Loss, Keto, Yoga, Six Pack Abs, etc... 

2. Total Market: Make Money Online 
Niche: Blogging, Stock Trading, Marketing Agencies, etc... 

A Common Misconception: 

A lot of people believe that niche site means a small site. 

NO, it’s not. 

Niche simply means specific. 

Laser focused. 

And targeting a very specific portion of an entire market. 

Now, once we’ve understood what a niche site is. 

Let’s deep dive into the dirty little secrets of creating niche sites that make you tons of money, FAST. 

1. Before you Choose a Niche 

Know you’ll have to go ALL IN. 

Many people know that, I once had a dating website. 

And it flopped in EPIC proportions. 

Do you know why? 

Because I half-assed it. 

I didn’t write quality articles. 

Nor put the time and money into building links or relations with other people. 

So, always make sure you’re passionate about what you do. 

While also making sure that you’re entering a profitable niche. 

But, how to know if a niche is profitable? - You ask. 


Google your niche keyword and see. 

What comes up? 

Is it forums, E-commerce sites? 

niche marketing strategies

That’s a clear sign, that you should never enter that niche. 

You want to look for niches where there are blogs and SERPs ranking for your keywords. 

weight loss

Once you know if your niche is profitable or not.  

Define for yourself what success means for you.  

For some people, it might be getting their weight loss site recognized as one of the leaders in the industry.  

For others, it might be making enough money to live on from something that they love, like a singing site or a home security site. 

You also need to plan for that success.  

PLANNING FOR SUCCESS for niche marketing

2. Planning for Growth 

In 2018, I laser focused on refining my process and growing my sites, while travelling once or twice a month. (just to avoid burnout;) 

And by 2019, I was travelling from Ibiza to Hawaii whenever I felt like it. 

But it all happened when I planned for Growth back in 2018. 

time suckers in your niche marketing

Here’s How I Plan: 

An example of how to plan your niche site for growth -> 

Domain: Kopywriting Kourse (not my site, just an example)  

Target audience for site: People who want to learn copy and conversions 

Focus for site: Helping people become better copywriters  

Then, I like to jot down my plan for the site.  

Below are some of the questions that I like to consider.  

What types of content will I cover initially?  

What types of products can I promote?  

What’s my initial monetization plan?  

What’s my expanded monetization plan?  

What are some other successful sites similar to what I want to do?  

What’s my income goal for this site?  

Using my hypothetical example of a copywriting site listed above, let’s go through how I go about answering each question. 

Content Types?  

Considering my target audience and focus, I know that I want to offer copywriting tips for beginners and intermediate marketers.  

I will also want to do affiliate content that covers softwares and funnels that are good for beginners, as well as save their time. 

Product Types?  

Obviously, my own digital products, other affiliate softwares and my own consulting service. 

I can also sell eBooks that offer specific tricks and tips. 

Initial Monetization?  

I always start out monetizing a site exclusively with affiliate links, and this site would be no different for me. 

I would probably become affiliate of sites like Clickfunnels and Email autoresponders like GetResponse. 

It’ll also give me a quick hint, if this niche converts well or not. 

If they don’t then I know I need better monetization options. 

Expanded Monetization?  

Since I’d already considered what product type I can promote, this part is pretty easy.  

I’ll go for specific eBooks and my own courses to promote in the long run and make money from them. 

Planning this out shows me that I have a lot of options and can diversify my income, in case one of those revenue streams dries up.  

Other Successful Sites?  

For this, I just use  

Search keywords like copywriting tips and best headline formulas, how to write bullets, etc... to look for other niche sites. 

Then I would make a short list of some of those competitors, along with their traffic estimation.  

This gives you a good idea of how successful a site can be in the niche. 

Income Goal?  

As I have already discussed. 

It all depends on the niche. 

How profitable is it? 

For the copywriting niche? 

6, 7-figures ain’t a far-fetched goal. 

If you know what you’re doing. 

So, again... pick your niche very wisely. 

Always keep the profitability of your niche in mind. 


When you’re planning for growth, do make sure that you have an editorial calendar by your side.  

It’ll keep you on track of your goals. 

Bloggers's Calendar

3. Keyword Research 

Most of your traffic at the beginning is going to come from Google. 

And the best way to win at it is: Keyword Research. 

And the best part is that, everything that you need when it comes to finding keywords that will drive traffic to your sites is FREE and out there, ready to be used by you. 

Here are 3 ways best ways to find the best keywords for your niche site: 

1. Google Auto-Suggest 

Google’s auto-suggest and related searches are two of the best ways to start. 

Usually when I am creating a new site, I will just enter in a very broad and generalized keyword into the Google search box.  

For instance I would enter: Copywriting  

Obviously, that is as wide as you can go with this niche, and that is exactly what I want.  

As soon as the results come up, I scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the related keywords. It looks a little something like this: 

google suggestion

From here, I just click on the options so that I can dig deeper into the niche.  

What I’m looking for are long tail keywords that I can use on my site.  

I don’t care what the monthly search volume is for a keyword, right now.  

All I care about is what the competition looks like on that first page of results.  

As you click through those related search terms, you end up seeing a lot of long tail keywords like this: 

Google suggestion 2

And as you click on these, you should be checking out what page one of Google looks like to see if you can compete or if it is too competitive.  

The ideal competition is a page one of results that has some other niche sites, some forums, some web 2.0s - but not dominated by ecommerce sites or big brands. 

2. Google Keyword Planner 

There’s a lot of keyword tools out there. 

But I still prefer Google’s over everyone else. 

So, log into the keyword planner and type in your keywords. 

google keyword planner

You want to look for keywords that are high in search volume. 

This will help you build a list of your main focused keywords for your site. 

Again, main focused keywords. 

Not the long, tail keywords. 

Long tail may be good for the quick, easy traffic. 

But if you want the long-term, real insane amount of traffic, you must know and target your main highly searched keywords. 

Known as short tail keywords  

An example of short tail keywords: 

Digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, blogging etc... 

But keep in mind they are the hardest to get on the first page of Google search results. 

3. Amazon 

I’ve been speaking about it for quite some time. 

And I would love to re-iterate it again. 

Amazon is a goldmine for Keyword Research. 

Cause you not only get what’s popular. 

But you also get the popular keywords which people are buying. 

You can find what’s popular on Amazon by their search bar. 

amazon suggestion

That’ll give you a good idea of the kind of content you need to create that’ll make people buy in your niche. 

4. Content Creation 

Niche sites usually have two types of content - 

  1. Informational Content 
  1. Product Reviews 

The best way to understand what information people are asking for in your niche is to use Answer The Public. 

Before you write any product reviews, write 20 informational, big, long, keyword rich posts. 

How many words should I write, Shak? - You ask. 

The best way to determine how many words you need to write for each post is comparison. 

Check out the articles on Page 1.  

And see those article’s word count. 

Then try to go one up on them. 

1. Informational Content 

When I create informational content for my sites, my goal is to build brand awareness for my site.  

Most of the time when someone is doing an informational search, you don't really have a shot at getting them to click over to an Affiliate link so that you earn some money.  

That's why I create informational content with building brand awareness in mind. 

If someone is looking up information on blogging, I might not be able to sell them on a new course that early. 

But I can however, take their email. 

Or if they don’t give their email. 

Yet, they got so much value from my article that they may come back again.  

And since I'm playing the long game with my site, that's is exactly the experience that I want the end user to have when visiting my site.  

How do you make your brand stick in the consumer's mind?  

You blow them away with your content.  

And the easiest way to do that is to not only answer their question, but give them answers to questions they didn't even know they had.  

And the perfect way to create content that does just that is by utilizing the "People also ask feature of Google."

Take these additional questions that pop up for someone wanting to know if Copywriting can make money:  

People also ask

Of course, the best part about this particular search feature is that once you click on one of those little arrows, more questions auto-populate to give you even more ideas.  

So, what do you with all these questions?  

When it makes sense to do so, I like to make them H2's in my article.  

But if that doesn't make sense, then I try to include them in a bullet list so that they still stand out for the reader.  

Remember to break up some of the text in your article with relevant videos and photos to make is easier to read!  

How long does the informational content need to be?  

As long as it takes to fully answer the topic without including a bunch of fluff. 

2. Product Reviews 

The best way to create product review articles is comparison articles. 

Compare 2 or more products in one EPIC, long, guide. 

With comparison tables and what not. 

This is the single most effective money-making tip you’ll take out of creating niche sites. 

Give mini-reviews of all the products with a few bullet points. 

This is the best way for conversions. 

5. Link Building  

Backlinks are the surest way to rank on Page one consistently. 

And you want that if you want to make money from your niche site. 

Though link building is very hard, since it takes a lot of time to build relevant, high quality backlinks. 

Here are some of the best ways to build links - 

  1. High Quality Infographs 
  1. Guest Posts 
  1. Crazy, Amazing Content 

Please NOTE: Backlinks are double-edged sword. 

Many people tell me to try PBNs or buy links. 

But I strongly suggest against it. 

1. High Quality Infographs 

According to Hubspot, an Infograph gets shared 3x more than any other content. 

And if your infograph is relevant enough to your reader, they may even put it on their site and put your link as a source. 

Even I do it in many of my posts. 

backlink source

2. Guest Posts 

If you’re a beginner and haven’t build much connection, then guest post is the way. 

Just Google search: 

[your niche] + “Guest Posts” 

You’ll find plenty of guest posting options. 

Try and play around with keyword for even more results. 

Example - 

[your niche] + “Write for us” 

[your niche] + “Contribute”, etc... 

3. Crazy, Amazing Content 

Create list content. 

Ridiculously long list content. 

Don’t do this - 

7 Ways to become a successful blogger

Think content? 

Think crazy. 

Something like this - 

101 Ways to become a successful blogger

Here’s a stat from Backlinko that shows the power of long, thorough content -


Source: Backlinko 

6. Monetization 

If you’re building a niche site. 

Then some of the best ways you can make money is - 

  1. Selling your own Products 
  1. Affiliate Marketing 
  1. Sponsored Posts 

1. Selling your own Products 

Selling your product isn’t an easy thing, especially in today’s online business world. 

But, it’s still the most profitable, if you know what you’re doing. 

The best way to go at is to have a giver’s mindset. 

Think of helping your audience and readers first and then only ask for any money in return. 

If you put value in other people’s lives, they would have no problem to pay you handsomely. 

Some products you can sell are - 

Videos, PDFs, Audios, Checklists, etc.. 

You can also package em all together to create a high value High-Ticket Product, which you can sell for as much as $997. 

2. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is a bit easier than selling your own product. 

Since here you have a choice of picking an already converting winning product and then promoting it to your audience. 

The key is conversions. 

Make sure that the offer converts well for your audience or else change the product. 

Keep testing and checking. 

Understand your audience deeply and what they want. 

Eventually you’ll find a winning affiliate product that converts well with your audience. 

Some platforms for Affiliates: 

  • Clickbank 
  • Amazon 
  • Cj Affiliates 

3. Sponsored Posts 

If you have a problem with selling and don’t feel like doing it. 

Then this is your best option. 

But, you must build an audience to make real money from this. 

So, build an audience of at least 1k traffic a day. 

Then you can approach different product owners in your niche and offer to promote their products on your website. 

They’ll be more than happy to pay you for doing so. 

If you’ve a great audience who’s highly engaged and is right for the product owner. 

That’s it. 

You just read some super specific ways to make money from a niche site. 

I truly believe that niche sites are the best way to make money online. 

Because of the less competition and the relationship that you as a blog owner get to have with your audience. 

The key to success is understanding your audience deeply and then planning for growth accordingly. 

Now, the ball is in your court

Which of these tips will you apply with your niche site first? 

Will you try doing more Guest Posts to build high quality white hat links? 

Or will you go for creating your own products first? 

Either way, let me know your thoughts on this article. 

I read and reply to every comment. 

About the Author Shakir Jamal

Shakir is a professional Internet Marketer and blogger who helps ambitious men and women build profitable blogs and scale to $10,000 (or more) per month in 90 days (or less), so they can replace their 9-5 rat race income with a laptop passive income.