Why Your Blog is NOT Making Any Money

69 Reasons Why Your Blog is Not Making Any Money (and What to Do About it)

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online.

In fact, top bloggers make as much as $50,000 every month.

food blogger earning money

But, the question is -

Is your blog making you any money?

That’s why we’re here.

To eliminate the costly money-making mistakes you may be making and steer you on the right path to blogging riches.

So, lets begin -

The KLT Factor

Robert cialdini quote

The KLT or the know, like and trust factor is your key to making a lot of money online.

Unless and until your audience, your peers, your sponsors, etc... don’t know, like and trust you, you ain’t going to make a lot of money.

Below are some of the reasons you’re failing to build KLT factor with your community -

1. Lack of Stories

Humans seek relationships.

We all want to feel connected and be a part of something BIG.

And that’s where stories come in.

Stories create engagement, builds rapport and brings down people’s defenses making them feel closer to you.

Steve Jobs on story telling
  • What to Do About It

Share your story.

Be vulnerable.

Be authentic.

story telling infograph

2. YOU-centric About Page

The about page is one of your most visited pages on the whole website.

In fact, in a recent study, it was conducted that around 52% of your website visitors want to see your about page first, before anything else.

information people see on a website

But many bloggers and marketers make the mistake of treating their about page as their life page.

What they did, what they didn’t, etc...

  • What to Do About It

It’s not about YOU.

It’s about your reader.

How can YOU help deliver results/solutions to your reader?

Once you point it out specifically how you can help them, then maybe give a brief introduction and that’s it.

That’s all you need to do in the About Page.

3. You’re a SHY Marketer

I have famously said that -

Most bloggers are lousy marketers.

And I firmly believe it.

Because big-time money-making bloggers, do more than just blog.

Here’s what a recent study from Growthbadger says about it -

  • What to Do About It

If you want to make money like other successful bloggers, then you need to do what they’re doing.

Don’t be shy and put yourself out there.

Measure what works and what doesn’t.

Then keep doing the things that are bringing you results.

4. You sound like a Salesman

Do you just promote your own products or other’s affiliate products blindly?

Just to make a few dimes here and there?

Then that’s affecting your relationship with your audience.

You’re less of a blogger and more of a snake-oil salesman in their eyes.

  • What to Do About It

Become their trusted advisor.

And only promote what you personally use and benefit from.

5. You’re not an Expert

Success in blogging and most other Internet businesses depends on your expertise.

Do you do what you preach?

If not then your audience will know over time and they’ll lose the KLT factor from you.

  • What to Do About It

Get mastery.

Whatever your topic is, master it.

Spend time over understanding what to do and get results.

That’s the best way to become an expert.

6. You’re Positionless

Positioning is the key to differentiating yourself in the marketplace.

So, ask yourself -

How are you different from any other blogger?

What do you specifically do differently from someone else?

  • What to Do About It

Fill in the blanks below and you’ll have a unique positioning:

[Your name} is famous for __________ in his/her [your marketplace/niche]

He/she helps people with __________ .

And stands against __________.

Now market it out to your audience.

7. You don’t go LIVE

Video is the future in 2020 and beyond.

Especially LIVE videos.

Such as FB Live, YouTube Live, etc...

And the best part is that it builds your credibility and expertise faster than anything else.

  • What to Do About It

First of all, get mastery in your subject.

Because you can’t mess up after going LIVE.

After that, start going LIVE.

But don’t start doing 1-hour LIVE sessions at the beginning.

Make mini-milestones.

At first begin with 10 minutes. Then build it up from there.

And watch how quickly your community and readers start seeing as the go-to expert in your marketplace.

8. You don’t do RIA

I talk about this to lengths with my mastermind.

And I’ll tell this to you as well.

Give Results in Advance. [RIA]

Whatever you do, from your blog, to your course to making affiliate partnerships.

First, give results in advance.

  • What to Do About It

Find out what your audience or partners want and give it to them for FREE.

Then only ask something in return.

Ex – You're selling a course on Six pack abs in 6 weeks.

Then first do a 3-part FREE mini-course.

Teaching them some of the basics and how to begin.

And then ask for the sale.

In fact, Jeff Walker’s whole Product Launch Formula is based on this system.

You can check out his FREE video-series here.

9. Lack of Story Selling

You may be thinking – I have already discussed stories right?

But storyselling is a completely different thing.

Storyselling is the act of selling your product or services through stories.

If you’re not make enough money from your product or services, then chances are you ain’t doing this.

  • What to Do About It

The best way to begin learning storyselling is read Joseph Campbell’s books The Hero with a Thousand Faces and The Hero's Journey.

After reading these books you’ll realise that there’s a common structure to every story you’ve ever read.

Every movie you’ve ever seen.

That is the journey of the hero.

And slowly you’ll also start structuring stories that sell.

For more advanced knowledge on this, follow – Michael Hauge’s work.

10. No Private Groups

People love Fb Groups.

This makes them feel like they’re a part of a community of like-minded people who support them and got their back.

Especially after a recent Mark Zuckerberg post which said -

Mark Zucker berg
  • What to Do About It

Focus on your Private groups.

They have a higher chance of getting to your audience than almost anything else on Facebook.

Plus, it builds KLT super-fast.

11. No Forum to Congregate

Some of the biggest blogs have a form of their own.

Why do you think so?

Community Participation.

Where there’s a community, there’s money.

  • What to Do About It

If you’ve a blog that gets over 100,000 visitors a month.

Then it’s safe to build a forum of your own.

It’ll keep your readers more engaged and keep building more authority for you.

Granted, you may have to pay attention to it from time to time.

12. No Customer Surveys

I hate Hope blogging/guess blogging.

That’s why I love surveys and ask campaigns. Period.

If you also want to be 100% sure if what you’re doing makes you money, then run surveys with your community.

  • What to Do About It

Pick one of the top surveys like Survey Monkey and create a survey.

Ask questions that tells -

Their age, location and problems.

After this you’ll have a better understanding of your reader and you can solve their problems faster.

Your Marketing Sucks

If you want to make serious money blogging, then your marketing needs to be on point.

Here are some of the marketing mistakes you’re making and what to do about it:

13. You’re Generic

Everything that you’re creating is generic.

From your blog posts to your videos, etc...

It’s all generic.

And generic work is easily forgotten.

  • What to Do About It

Be Specific.

From your content to your headlines and everything in between.

The deeper you go and the more specific you go the more readers you’ll be able to touch.

Example – Generic:

How to make money online?


How to make $9997+ in under 4 weeks online?

Specificity sells.

14. The Curse of the Small Niche

There’s a lot of chit-chat out there that pick a small niche.

A lot of “gurus” will tell you to pick a less competitive niche where there’s less crowd.

But let me ask you -

If there’s less crowd, then who would you partner with?

Who would you become affiliate for?

And how would you grow your backlinks?

That’s just some of the things for you to think about.

  • What to Do About It

Follow Maslow’s hierarchy of needs while picking your niche.

money from blog

Image Source: Simplypsychology

If we follow this diagram, then some of the top most niches you can pick are -

Money making online such as Blogging, Marketing, Trading, Bitcoin, etc..

Fitness such as lose fat, get abs, keto, etc..

Love and Relationship such as Dating, Parental, etc..

15. Targeting Everyone

Whenever you write a content, you have a specific audience, right?

Or is it that you target everyone.

If that’s the case, then you actually appeal to no one.

gary w. keller
  • What to Do About It

Create a Customer Avatar and write to only that avatar.

Don’t appeal to everyone.

16. Offer Solutions to a Problem they don’t have

Do you write or create products on stuff no one cares about?

It’s about your readers.

If they don’t want what you’re creating, then your blog will never make money.

  • What to Do About It

It all goes back to your understanding of your audience.

The deeper your customer research, the more understanding you’ll have of your audience and better solutions you’ll create.

17. Hope Blogging

Before writing a blog or creating a product, do you look at data?

What’s working and what’s not working?

If not, then that’s hope blogging.

Hoping that something will work out.

But usually, it never works.

  • What to Do About It

Install analytics.

Spend time on your Google search consoles.

See what’s working for you and what’s not working.

Then create content accordingly.

Same with any of your video content.

See the analytics.

And then create accordingly.

18. Writing Lifeless, Boring Headlines

headlines vs copy

Headline is the most important part of your content.

You can’t afford to suck there.

And writing boring, lifeless headlines does just that.

  • What to Do About It

First of all, understand your offer.

What is it?

And what are its features?

bicycle features

Then think about what results it provides?

bicycle results

And then finally think about it’s benefits on your life -


Features, results and benefits.

These are the 3 secrets to writing amazing headlines.

Here are some examples of catchy headlines and slogans bicycle companies created, that has worked for them over the years:

[notice how they mix and match all the features, results and benefits together]

  • A bike ride a day keeps the doctor away.
  • Bike is for two not for too many.
  • Burn Carbohydrates, Not Hydrocarbons.
  • Burn fat, Not oil.
  • Cars Kill, Bikes Thrill.

19. You’re not (actually) Selling

This is a common problem with many bloggers.

They are shy when it comes to selling.

Somehow you feel like selling is a negative thing.

And you don’t sell enough.

  • What to Do About It

Think about this -

You created a world-class solution to solve the problems of your readers.

But because of your inability to sell, they buy someone else’s solution but don’t benefit from it.

Isn’t it your fault, then?

If only you had sold better, sold enough.

Then your reader’s life would have changed for the better.

That’s why, if you know you got a great solution.

Sell it.

20. You’re not Selling (Again)

You worked hard.

Created an amazing solution and your first offer or your qualifying, front-end offer is selling at a good rate.

But what about upsells?

Are you not selling again?

Did you know that the probability of selling to a new customer is 5-20% while the probability of selling to an existing customer is around 70%?


Image credit groove

  • What to Do About It

Once your front-end offer starts converting, sell an upsell as well.

Your customers will love it if you have another offer that could help them.

And they’ll buy from you.

21. Low Converting Blog

It’s all about conversions.

How many website visitors do you convert into email subscribers?

An average number is considered to be around 5%.

Are you there?

  • What to Do About It

Create juicy, amazing, mouth-watering lead magnets.

Such as Yaro Starak -

Yaro featured box

Notice the specificity here.

Make $10,000/m working only 2 hours a day.

That’s the juice of this headline.

That’s what makes it so special.

22. Your Email game Sucks

A good email marketing game can make you an ROI as much as 4400%.

But are you getting any ROI at all?

Do you know how to build rapport in your email which later leads to sales?

  • What to Do About It

It’s all begins with Indoctrination.

The first 5-10 emails your reader gets after they sign up.

Because that’s when you got their most attention.

So make sure you let them know who you are and what they’re gonna get if they stick with you.

But it ought to be compelling enough.

And after that you can lead with offers and sales emails.

23. Lack of Affiliate Support

You ain’t going nowhere until you get the support of other people.

Especially your peers.

The people in your niche.

  • What to Do About It

Help them if you want them to help you.

And the best way to help them is to make them money.

The second best way?

Help them make more money.

How do you do that?

First of all make money yourself.

Get some results in.

Then approach them and let them know how you can help them.

Maybe you’re a good copywriter or a graphic designer.

Whatever way you can help them and then ask them to help you as well.

They’ll be more than willing to help you.

24. No Call to Action

By call to action, I mean telling your readers to take a specific action at the end of your content.

Be it in your emails or your blog posts or your sales pages.

Many bloggers are shy about that as well.

  • What to Do About It

Make your call to actions click-worthy.

Suppose inside an email, you want your reader to click on a link.

A boring CTA: Click here to read this article.

Clickworthy CTA: Click here to find out the secrets to getting 100,000+ traffic

25. You’re not Good on Video

By 2022, 81% of Internet’s traffic will be video.

So, video is now and it is the future as well.

  • What to Do About It


Figure out who your favorite expert is on the Internet.

And model them.

How they speak, how they stand, what’s their tone, pitch, volume, melody, etc..

Model everything they speak.

You’ll also slowly start learning how to speak like an expert.

26. No Urgency

Urgency is the reason decisions are made.

Urgency forces decisions to happen.

Example -

  • The promotion for your product/service is ending tonight, so prospective buyers have to make their decisions today, now, before tonight.
  • I need the names of affiliates who’ll support me in my promotion 3 days in advance or they’ll miss out on a money-making opportunity.

Urgency forces the decisions to happen that they would have otherwise put off, and by they, I mean EVERYONE.

  • What to Do About It

Always have deadlines in all your promotions.

A start and an end date.

For your affiliates as well as your customers.

And actually use it everywhere.

Even when you approach sponsors for paid posts.

27. Lack of Split Test

Split tests save you from hope blogging.

As it clearly gives you the data of what’s working and what’s not.

  • What to Do About It

Whenever you’re running a promotion, test it.

Keep your datas intact.

Check the conversions, opt-in rates, etc..

And keep working on improving those important Key Performance Indicators.

Key performance indicators

28. Unprofitable Niche

Maybe you got emotional while picking your niche.

And picked something based on your passion, instead of profits.

  • What to Do About It

Google search some keywords on your niche.

And see if there’s any Google ads running.

Google search ads

If yes, then congrats, money is made in your niche.

That’s why people are spending money.

And if you don’t find any ads in your niche, EVER.

Then that’s a grave sign that your niche isn’t much profitable and it’s very hard to make money from that niche.

29. Your Copywriting Sucks

Copywriting simply means writing words that sell.

Or Cash Words.

If you don’t know how to write such words, how will you make money?

  • What to Do About It

You’ve got two options -

  • Find a big-time copywriter whose copy converts. You can find them on Upwork. But generally great copywriters are very rarely available.
  • Become great yourself.

How can you learn copywriting?

You can start with reading books on Copywriting.

And then applying and testing what works on your audience and what doesn’t.

30. No WIIFM

WIIFM – What's in it for me?

This is what your readers think whenever they read a piece of content.

What’s in it for them?

What will they get by reading your content or watching your videos.

  • What to Do About It

Whenever you create a content, think about your audience.

And how will you communicate to them early on, what they’ll get from consuming your content.

Once you’ve got that part in, they’re more likely to consume your content than leave midway.

31. No Value Ladder

value ladder

Image source: bbkconsultants

The value ladder is a series of products that ascend in price starting from the lowest value to the highest.

As you ascend the value, so does the price.

  • What to Do About It

Map out your customer’s journey.

Understand your customer and at which stage are they in their value ladder.

Then focus your marketing efforts in providing them that value while focusing on making profits at the backend.

32. Not a Segmented Email List

A segmented email list does many things.

But it’s most important benefit to me is – Personalization.

A personalized email catering to a very specific customer avatar can do wonders for your email campaigns.

  • What to Do About It

Every autoresponder has some sort of segmentation feature in them.

You can segment on interest, clicks, behaviors, etc...

Make sure you know your KPIs and then segment your list accordingly.

33. Lack of Phone Funnels

This is not for beginners.

It’s for highly advanced guys and gals.

But it’s also where you can make the most money.

Since Phone Funnels are mostly a part of your backend.

And you don’t actually have to be advanced.

  • What to Do About It

You need to have solid KLT with your customer before you can close them on a phone.

And the first thing that you do on the phone is qualify your prospect to see if they’re the right fit for your program or service.

Once that part is figured out and you two know each other and genuinely want to work.

Then it’s just a matter of figuring out the time, money and the best ways to enroll them in.

BONUS Tip: The best way to create phone funnels is to begin with Webinars first. Then lead them to fill out an application at the end.

And then close them on the phone.

34. You Sell Products, Not Offers

A product is one thing.

But an offer is a compilation of products that are all complementary and increases the value in the prospect’s eyes.

Here’s an example from a classic Billy May’s ad that’ll clearly make you understand what an offer means -

  • What to Do About It

Package your product together and increase the perceived value in your customer’s eyes.

They should always feel like they’re getting more than they’re paying for.

And obviously they SHOULD be getting more than what they’re paying for, if you want to do repeat business with them.

35. You don’t do Guest Posts

Not only are guest posts great for link building purposes.

But it also increases your exposure.

And what’s marketing if not putting yourself in front of your ideal customers.

  • What to Do About It

Google search -

[Your Keyword] + Guest Post/Write for Us

guest post

Then start approaching all the given sites for a guest posting opportunity.

It’s a great way to put yourself in front of your audience.

36. Lack of Round Up Posts

Round up posts are one of the fastest ways you can gain exposure for your blog.

They’re simply a compilation of all the expert advice on 1 topic in 1 place.

And that 1 place just so happens to be your blog or your content.

  • What to Do About It

If you have connections with your peers then approach them and ask for small quotes or advices you can share with your audience.

Or else... if you ain’t got any connection.

Then you’ll have to cold call people and ask for quotes.

It’s a little harder.

But more often than not, people are willing to share advices.

No Strategy

37. Lack Of Defined Goals

Goals steer you in the right direction.

Especially defined goals.

Meaning a goal with a definite start and end time and a definite result.

  • What to Do About It

Plan out every month blog goals for yourself.

Ex – Number of blog posts you’ll create this month.

Number of influencers you’ll reach out to this month.

Number of guest posts you’ll do.

Plan out all these things in advance.

Then do whatever it takes to fulfill them.

You can also use the Bloggers Editorial calendar to writing such goals.

Bloggers's Calendar

38. Not Focused on One Reader

Whenever you write a post, are you writing for one guy/gal or many?

If the answer is many, then you’ve a problem.

Cause the best blog posts are written with one reader in mind.

  • What to Do About It

Create a customer avatar.

With only one person in mind.

Your ideal reader.

What’s his/her job?

Their salary?

Their relationship, etc...

Then start creating your content for this person only.

39. Not Focused on One Problem

When you try to solve too many problems at once, your message gets diluted.

And it confuses your readers.

  • What to Do About It

Focus on one problem first.

Help your reader solve it, then move onto another one.

40. Not Focused on One Solution

Be it with your FREE stuff or any paid stuff, you must always offer only one solution to a problem.

Ex – You're selling a product on Email Marketing.

Then don’t offer something on Video marketing.

That’ll only distract the customer from your message.

  • What to Do About It

Offer one solution.

Like in the video above of Billy Mays.

He only offered one solution.

That is Insoles.

41. Lack of a List Building System 

Email is the lifeblood of an Internet Marketing business.

Especially a blog.

Cause it gives you the power of an in-built audience.

An audience you can cash in on anytime you want.

And not building one is a big mistake.

  • What to Do About It

Sign up for an autoresponder like GetResponse.

Then set up your FREE lead magnets on your website.

And overtime you’ll start generating email subscribers.

NOTE: Those email subscribers are not for collection purposes.

They’re there to build KLT with.

So that later on you can help them solve big problems for dollars.

42. Your Blog is a Times Square

Does your website looks like this -

times square

Then you’re leaving very few options for your reader to really navigate through your website and really click on the links that make you money.

  • What to Do About It

Reduce the highlights.

Only put in the things that actually make you money in front of the reader’s eyes.

A great example of this -

Avocadu navigation menu

43. Not Optimised for User-Intent

User Intent is the new SEO.

Plus, it also helps you make more money.

Since if the reader has an intent of buying a specific product, and you happen to be at the right place.

Then it’s only logical for them to buy from you.

  • What to Do About It

Research the queries your readers search for.

Then understand the intent of those queries.

And then finally optimize your headlines and CTAs based on those intent.

So, that the user takes action, most probably converts into a subscriber.

44. No Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are your number one way to make money from your blog.

blog sales funnel

But most bloggers fail to create one on their blog.

  • What to Do About It

Create a simple ebook or small video course for a front-end product.

Then drive traffic to that product.

After that upsell those buyers to a higher priced product.

45. Website Not Built to Sell

Does your website look something like this?

bad website example

Then we’re in trouble.

Because there’s absolutely no way your readers can ever get any value from a website like this.

  • What to Do About It

Focus on the branding of your website.

Pick only 3 main colors.

And 2 main fonts.

Then make sure that the size of those fonts is around 16-18px.

That’s it.

No need to make it too fancy.

46. No Customer Retention

Maybe you’re good at converting your initial offer.

But are your existing customers buying from you?

Don’t forget, 80% of your revenue will come from just 20% of your clients and customers.

  • What to Do About It

First things first, you need to work on customer fulfillment.

That’s the pillar of your business.

So, whenever a prospect buys from you make sure that you have a solid product to back up your marketing efforts.

Then always keep the value loop going.

Always be giving them FREE value from time-to-time so they still feel connected and a part of your community.

So, that later if you come up with any other product, those people are the first ones to buy.

47. Lack of Recurring Business Model

Also known as Continuity programs or Memberships.

Be it your own or affiliates.

These can make you money on a continuous monthly or yearly basis.

  • What to Do About It

You can become an affiliate of other programs and sell their recurring business model.

bluehost hosting package

Every time the customer pays the business, you also get paid.

Or you can try opening your own recurring business.

Just make sure you are providing value enough for the people to stick to your membership plan.

And the value doesn’t have to be every day.

It’s just once a week or even a month.

48. Not built to Scale

If your blog ain’t growing, it’s dying.

Measure your blog’s analytics.

Are you seeing any positives or the numbers are going down?

  • What to Do About It

After a certain time bloggers get lethargic in their efforts.

They don’t want to build links nor focus on their content.

That’s what separates the big bloggers from the lazy ones.

Keep working now and you’ll reap the rewards later.

And change up your content template from time-to-time.

So, your audience are always on the edge of their seat while reading your stuff.

49. No Masterminds

Masterminds are the best way to hang out with your best customers, make money while also learning and teaching with others.

lions quote
  • What to Do About It

If you have an email list and a good amount of paying customers.

Then it’s a god time to call them out to hang out with you.

On a retreat or a mastermind.

You can travel, learn and grow together while also increasing your bond with your community.

50. No Done for You Services

Even though they’re not scalable. 

But they’re hugely popular. 

Especially in the funnel and blogging niche. 

But you  need to do everything for your client while they just pay and reap the rewards. 

  • What to Do About It 

Say something like, I'll launch your website and make it live for you.

This is an example of a Done for you service. 

You can help your readers launch their blogs if they’re interested, in return for just buying hosting from your affiliate link. 

Think of where you can try something like that in your business or niche. 

And apply it. 

Cause a lot of DFY services are very costly. 

And you can make a lot of money out of them. 

51. You’re Info-Products SHY

Selling info products are the easiest way to make money online.

Especially if you’re trying to help solve your reader’s problems without investing too much of your own assets up front.

  • What to Do About It

All you need is an e-book, videos or an audio.

E-book will obviously have a lower perceived value.

And video the most.

But for best results you can package your information into one product and sell it to your audience for money.

Obviously, it won’t be that easy.

You’ll have to learn marketing and sales psychology.

But in the end, it’ll all be worth it.

52. You don’t do Consulting

This is my favorite and number 1 way to make money for beginners in any niche.

Yet very few, if any, ever do it.

  • What to Do About It

Here is my 6-step method, I personally use which you can also apply to make money within days:

  • Create a FREE lead magnet for one reader or one customer avatar.
  • Then create a landing page/squeeze page with powerful headlines and benefits.
  • Then drive traffic to that page from Facebook ads or from your blog.
  • During the first 10 days of opt-in, lead them with value. And offer your best stuff for FREE. So, you build KLT with them.
  • Then offer a FREE 15-minute call on the phone.
  • Close on the phone for a paid consulting session.

Your consulting fees can vary anywhere from $97 to $997.

Depending on how confident you are and how much experience you’ve got under your belly.

But make sure you fulfill your promise during the consulting session.

53. You don’t have Evergreen Funnels

If making money while you sleep is your dream.

Then you need to create systems that run on automatic.

You just work on them once and then they pour money into your account forever.

That’s where Evergreen funnel comes in.

  • What to Do About It

Evergreen funnel is a set it and leave it system you can create anytime with your funnels.

You just need to have a constant influx of traffic.

And Email autoresponder set.

Then its just a matter of conversions.

Which leads me to...

54. No Automation

Are you trying to do everything on your blog?

Create blog posts, run ads, build backlinks, create courses, reach out to sponsors, etc...

I get it.

If you’re a newbie, that’s just how it is.

  • What to Do About It

Your primary goal should be monetization and then automation.

Automate some of the less important stuff so you can focus on the money-making part.

Such as get a content writer for your blog.

Or get an ads ninja if you’re into ads.

But, do keep automation 9in mind as soon as you start making some money.

Cause that’s the key to riches ahead.

Lack of Character

I know, I know. This is not an article on morals.

Or what you lack as a person that’s hindering you and your blogs growth.

But to be honest, your blog’s success is directly co-related to your growth as an individual.

Here are some inner flaws you may have that’s hurting your blog:

55. You lack Empathy for the Problem

Lemme ask you.

Are you only blogging for money?

Maybe you read in an article than blogging is the one of the best sources of passive income.

And so you started blogging for money.

Without even giving a thought about the problem you wanna solve.

  • What to Do About It

Genuinely care for your reader’s welfare and leave no stone unturned to give them the best advice, the best solutions.

The better your content, the more readers will connect to you.

And in turn you will automatically make money.

56. You lack Empathy for your Reader

Is blogging just a number’s game for you?

I will make xyz amount of money.

I will get xyz amount of traffic, etc..

Trust me, your readers can feel it.

The way you speak and the way you put out your content shows it all.

  • What to Do About It

Without genuine empathy you can never connect with your readers.

REMEMBER: The goal is not to become a snake oil salesman.

But to become a trusted advisor who also happens to make money while genuinely helping his audience get results.

Barack Obama quote

57. You don’t have Reader Data

Do you know how much time your audience spends on your site?

Where do they click?

What’s your bounce rate?

What’s your best performing articles, etc...

If not, then how do you know what’s working for you and where do you need to put in more effort.

  • What to Do About It

For beginners you can begin with Google Analytics.

Its FREE and you can gather enough data through it.

For more advanced stuff such as Heat maps you should go for a paid tools like Hotjar and CrazyEgg.

58. You Lack Confidence to Present your Expertise

If you don’t see yourself as a thought leader and an expert advisor.

Then why should your audience?

And why should they pay you for anything?

It all begins from within.

  • What to Do About It

Grow a learner’s mind and work on yourself and your expertise daily.

The more practice you do and the more mastery you gain over your work, the easier it’ll be for you to present your expertise.

But it doesn’t happen in a day.

It takes months, if not years.

Keep working, stay persistent.

59. Jumping Topics

Are you not sure which niche is best for you and keep jumping topics?

Then how can you make money from any niche?

  • What to Do About It

Stick to one niche.

Once you begin stick to it till you absolutely see no way out.

60. You’re too Emotional

Maybe someone told you to be passionate about what you do.

And you opened a blog solely based on that.

Now, all you write about how passionate you’re about your topic and how great it is.

  • What to Do About It

You need to think from your reader’s perspective.

What do they want?

Write about that.

And keep your emotions in check.

61. Copying Others

Maybe you’re a fan of some celebrity blogger and you copy your blog like them.

But the point is, you can’t.

Because they’re at a very different stage of their journey than you are.

Maybe they’re at Chapter 50 while you’re just beginning.

So, copying them won’t get you the results you want.

  • What to Do About It

Only follow the best practices which are proven to deliver results industry wide.

But do it your way.

Don’t copy someone else.

The original is better than a copy.

62. You don’t have a BIG picture Vision

Maybe you thought that you’ll begin blogging and make anywhere around a $1000-$5000 and that’s it.

And getting there won’t take much time.

But that’s not the case.

First of all, you can make 6, 7-figures from blogging.

Second it takes a lot of time.

Especially at the beginning.

  • What to Do About It

Cultivate a big picture vision for yourself and your blog.

And be willing to put in the time and the effort.

Yes, it will take time but it’ll be worth it.

63. It’s just your Opinion

W. Edwards Demmings quote

The best blogs aren’t just about the blogger’s opinion.

Rather it’s a well-researched and proven industry wide best practices at one place.

  • What to Do About It

Don’t just write your opinion on something and be with it.

Show proof.

Prove that it’s a fact.

It’s real and that what you’re saying is actually the best way to do something.

And make sure that you’re not just blogging but journaling.

You’re a Journalist.

Meaning, bringing the best practices from all the places at your blog.

Your blog should be a reliable news source in your industry.

64. Lazy in Follow-Up Efforts

According to a research, 80% of sales are made in the fifth to twelfth contact.

Are you following up on your leads?

If not, then you’re leaving 80% of the money on the table.

  • What to Do About It

Use your emails, phones and social media messengers to follow-up on your leads.

People don’t make decisions the first time you show them something.

It takes time.

They’re making important money decisions.

So, it’s your job as a marketer to keep following up on them.

65. You Short-Sell Yourself

I get a lot of emails and messages from people saying -

Shak I can’t sell High-Ticket. It’s so wrong.

I can’t do the closing part. It’s not good.

I can’t talk about my own results. It’s bragging.

Are you also one of these?

  • What to Do About It

First of all, if you got it (results) show it.

If you ain’t got it (results). Then go get it and then show it.

Second, if you feel uncomfortable or shy about selling High-Ticket products.

Then increase the value of what you’re providing to your audience.

Give more.

Ex – You're selling an Info-Product of $997.

And you feel it’s just too costly.

Then give more value inside it.

Make it worth $997 and more.

66. You Under-Deliver

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers and marketers make huge promises to their audiences.

And then they deliver crickets.

This is the surest way to being called a Scam.

And the best way to get your online business out of business.

  • What to Do About It
Promise only what you can deliver. Then deliver more than you promise.

Do whatever it takes to deliver what you promised.

Because your name is on the line.

It takes years to build a reputation but only seconds to ruin it.

67. You don’t Approach Brands

Sponsored posts is one of the best ways to make money from your blog.

There are so many brands out there who want a blog with high traffic to review their products and increase their reach.

Yet, I hear so many bloggers say -

No brand comes to me.

How do I do sponsored posts and make money?

  • What to Do About It

The very thought that no brand is approaching you is not making you money.

Because they’re not supposed to approach you unless you’re a celebrity blogger.

You need to approach brands for sponsored posts and ad spots.

And don’t be lazy in your efforts.

Yes, many will reject you.

But you don’t stop.

68. You don’t bring anything to the table

One of my mentor always says -

Be the sun.

For the sun shines bright, it shines night.

And it never asks anything in return.

Are you the sun?

Meaning: Do you bring anything to the table for other people?

So, others can also benefit from you?

  • What to Do About It
Charles T. Munger

Give first and give free.

Have an abundance mindset.

When you give extra effort, people notice.

That’s how reputations are built.

69. You don’t take MASSIVE action

Are you doing everything it takes to grow your blog fast and make money from it?

Writing big, long, crazy amazing content, approaching influencers, building backlinks, etc...

If not, then how can your blog grow fast?

  • What to Do About It


If you can’t then, go ALL OUT and quit.

Blogging isn’t something you do on the side anymore.

It’s become a serious profession where people make serious money.

Think 6, 7-figures in income.

But making that kind of money, requires serious effort on your part as well.

That’s it.

This article was my honest attempt to give you a list of the mistakes you may be making that’s costing you a lot of money.

But hey, you’re a human and mistakes are meant to happen whenever you do something.

Micheal Jordan quote

Now, the ball is in your court.

But before you start taking massive action on your blog.

I have a question.

What are you going to do to start making money from your blog?

Will you amplify your follow-up efforts?

Or maybe you’ll apply my 6-steps to start selling consultancy services?

Either way, do comment and let me know your next steps.

I would love to know your thoughts and I read and reply to every comment.