Interview of Rob Cubbon

Build Your Own Brand Online – Rob Cubbon Interview

Welcome to the third Experts Interview Series on The Blog Incubator. 

Where I, Shakir Jamal share some of the best stories and advices from the best bloggers and internet marketers and discover their secrets for you to benefit from. 

This is the interview of Rob Cubbon where I will be discovering the exclusive secrets of building an online business and gaining personal freedom.

Rob Cubbon is an Amazon bestselling author, online teacher, graphic designer, entrepreneur, and ex-slacker who wants to help people getting freedom and succeeding in their online business.

So, without any further ado let's reveal some of the exclusive secrets of building online businesses, building your brand online from a slacker turned entrepreneur.

Shakir: ​How did you get started in the world of online business?

Rob: 15 years ago I started my website Soon after that I started getting graphic design client work from that website through organic Google traffic.

Shakir: What is the focus of your blog and what led you to picking that niche?

Rob: The focus of the blog is me!

I started blogging about the things I was doing which, in 2005, was graphic design but over the years that grew to be about web design, WordPress, online marketing, book publishing, POD selling, Amazon, online course selling, entrepreneurship and personal development (not to mention the odd travel article).

The benefit of this is there is no niche! So I didn't have to think about it, I just started!

Shakir: ​What’s your thought on internet marketing in 2020? Should a newbie enter it in 2020?

Rob: Newbie's definitely should enter but they need to do things differently.

Back in the day I used to say, "start a blog about what you're passionate about". 

You can't say that anymore.

That's why I tend to give overall business advice and suggest side businesses rather than what newbies should do which is too difficult to advise on.

Shakir: If you were to start all over again. What would you do differently?

Rob: Nothing 🙂

Shakir: Which are your 3 favorite blogs?

Rob: 4 Hour Work Week – because of Tim Ferriss's podcast

Side Hustle Nation – because Nick Loper's been doing great stuff for so long (and I've been on his show three times!)

My Twitter Feed 😉

Shakir: ​How are you currently making money from your blog? And tip would you like to give about blog monetization?

Rob: The main way I make money from my blog is by selling online courses – I have a Teachable school bolted onto the site. But I also earn from affiliate income and book (e-book and paperback) sales.

Shakir: What’s the best advice YOU ever got on how to succeed online?

Rob: Work hard and be lucky!

Shakir: And final question - How can readers get in touch with you?

Rob: The best way is to email me: rob [at]

If you’d like to learn more about Rob Cubbon and his high value tips on building an online business, I warmly recommend that you check out his site at

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That's it from the first Experts Interview Series.

Thanks again to Rob for taking the time and sharing your valuable experience with all of us.

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