How to start a blog for FREE

Start a Blog for FREE in 2021

So you want to start a blog for FREE?


In fact, this is what I would recommend you if you’re just starting out.

Spending money on the things which you don’t have any idea about is madness.

Since you’re a beginner you wouldn’t have any idea about “domain name” (also called blog name), web hosting, wordpress, blog post, pages, themes, plugins etc…

So there is no point in jumping in the middle of the sea without even knowing how to swim.

This is what this guide is for.

The soul motive of this blog post is to get your feet wet and make you ready for the sea.

So, read this article to the very end and you will have your blog live in not time.

And yes, it’s 100% FREE.

Meaning you don’t have to pay a single dollar ever for this blog. And you would be able to blog about things you love and care.

You would be able to express yourself, share your expertise etc…

And any person around this world would be able to read it and take help from it, if you know how to promote it to people properly.

You can use this blog for your various needs such as putting your portfolio online for your clients, doing consulting, coaching, affiliate marketing, earning from ads to name a few.

You would be able to make decent amount of money from it, only if you know how to make money blogging.

Fair warning: A FREE blog has lots of limitations.

Meaning, you can’t expect it to grow without investing money (but this is the story of another time).

You are here to have a FREE blog so let’s get started.

Step 1: Sign up to Blogger.com

The very first thing you have to do is go to blogger.com and click on create your blog.

signup page to blogger

After clicking on it you will be asked to login into your Google account.

If you don’t have one click here to create your Google account.

After login you will see something like this.

how to create a blogger profile

Which leads us to the next step which is creating your blogger profile.

Step 2: Create a Blogger profile

Nothing to be worried about, as already mentioned before, this is the easiest guide to start a blog for FREE so you will not be asked any amount of money.

It’s just like Google. Google doesn’t ask money for its services.

Here just write your name and you’re good to go.

Once you have done that you are ready to go the next step.

Step 3: Build your website

After creating blogger profile you will see something like this.

How to build your website on blogger

This is the section where you will be building your website.

Here you will be asked to write the title, domain name of your blog and theme to choose.

Don’t be confused by these terms.

Here’s what they actually mean.

Title – It’s the tagline of your blog and nor the blog name. You can think of it as a slogan of your website.

For example, if your blog is about fitness you can write something like “Helping people achieve their best shape”.

Domain name - It is the address of your blog where people can just click on it and they will be landed to your blog.

Here you have both the option to buy a custom domain name such as yourname.com where you will have to pay.

Or you can stick with the FREE blogger’s domain name. It will look something like this – yourname.blogspot.com

Theme – You can think of theme as the layout and design software.

There are 100s of 1000s of themes and you can pick any theme design of your choice given here.

And don’t worry, you can even change your theme in future as well if you’re not satisfied with it.

So write the title tag, address and choose the theme of your choice and you’re all done.

Your website is set. Now all you have to do is start blogging and promoting it.

Which leads me to the next and the final step

Step 4: Create new post

It’s finally the time where you will be speaking your heart out.

This is where you will write your blog posts.

How to create a new post on blogger

Click on “New Post” and you will be able to write the headline and the body of your blog post.

write a blog post on blogger

Write the headline, your article using various formatting tools and click save.

But you’re not done yet. In order for people to see your blog post from different countries you need to publish it.

And publish button is right beside the save button.

And Voila, your first blog post is live.

Copy the URL and share it with your friends.

You can even paste it in the bio of your social media account so that your followers can easily go to your blog.

Here comes the sucker part

You can even earn money from it too by placing ads on them. 

On the left hand side of your blog you will see various options like stats, comments, earnings, pages  etc..

Just click on earnings and you will get access to adsense and your blog will finally be monetized.

The more people come to your blog, the more ads they will see and click on and more money you will be able to make

Anyways, this post is not about that.

It’s about starting a blog for FREE.

And there you have it.

Now the ball is in your court

Get yourself a brand new blog for FREE using the 4 steps given in this article and start moonlighting your way to becoming a blogger.

Comment and let me know if this guide was helpful.

I read and reply to every comment.