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“Start a Blog” in 2020: An Epic Guide

351.8 million.

That’s how many domain names (aka blog names) were registered on the  internet by 30th march.

According to a recent research internet grows to 351.8 million domain name registrations in the first quarter of the previous year.

This is not to demotivate you but to let you know that starting a blog is really easy.

And this article is not some trashy tips and tricks and tools you need to start a blog.

This is the ultimate guide to getting started with blogging.

This epic guide will teach you how to start a blog from scratch in 20 minutes or less and become successful at it.

But before we begin, I’ve a major disclaimer to make.

Ready to start the easy step-by-step guide? Click here to go to step#1

I started my first blog in high school thinking I would get rich quick and avoid what was to come next (college, university, job, you name it. 🙂

The thought of getting a job and working in a cubicle used to completely horrify me as a 16-year old kid.

So, I learnt how to start a blog and started one on dating with the hopes of filling this world with more happy, positive couples while also making enough money to avoid a job.

That didn’t work out as planned. 🙁

But it did teach me everything I needed to learn on how to actually start a blog and build an online business which could fund me for life.

And this article is about those valuable lessons that I've learned over the years which will save you tons of time and money.

Now, let’s dive into the step-by-step process of starting a blog.

Step 1: Decide your niche

Finding what you should be blogging about is very critical as it is something that will decide whether you’re going to be consistent or not.

It’s not just about blogging, it’s about YOU liking it as well.

Deciding your niche is two step process.

1). Idea Plotting

The very first thing you need to do is plot your ideas before you do anything.

Just write every idea that comes to your mind.

Write at least 20 things on a piece of paper which other people struggle at but you find it effortless.

But remember not to write those 20 things in a single time.

Do this at least in 2 sittings because this is how human brain is hardwired.

The more session you do the greater ideas will come to you.

So, take your time and do this work

See, it’s not about just writing for money by killing your soul.

It’s about YOU as well. This is why the concept of idea plotting is very important.

I’m actually advising you to find your calling and express it online.

Are you ready?

Hell yeah!

Now, it’s time to decide whether people are going to pay you for your solution and help or not.

Because at the end you need money to support your blog as well as your livelihood.

And we all know blogging isn’t FREE, so consider blogging income opportunities as well.

Not just the possibilities of monetization but also its traffic and seasonality.

Which will lead us to step ii)

2). Supply and Demand Quadrant

This is where the next game begins to find out which idea to pick and terminate.

So how do you do it?

To do this you need to make a quadrant and start writing those 20 ideas.

Decide your niche

Quadrant 1 is of High ticket

Where the product prices are high but the number of customers are less. For example – Improving your customer retention, teaching mastermind etc…

Quadrant 2 is of Gold mine

Where the cost of the products are high as well the number of customers. For example – Copywriting, email list building, launching your business, losing weight etc…

Quadrant 3 is of Mass marketplace

Where product’s costs are low but the number of customers are high. For example – Blogging, Pinterest marketing, dating, social skills etc…

Quadrant 4 is of Love

Where the product’s cost is low as well as the number of customers. For example – Holiday packing, car washing, DIY crafts.

You need to think like an expert. You need to be prepared for everything. And that’s what I expect from the readers of The Blog Incubator.

Now, you have to decide which quadrant to go with.

I would always recommend you to always go with the Gold mine since that's where you can make the most money.

But, don't do it by killing your soul.  

Pick any niche that brings you satisfaction as well as money.

And you did it. You have your niche decided.

Step 2: Decide a blog name

Domain name (aka blog name) is nothing but the URL of your website.

In simple words you can say the name of your website such as TheBlogIncubator.Com

Things to consider while choosing a domain name-

  1. Make it short which is easy to memorize.
  2. Domain with .com extension is the most preferred because it exudes high authority.
  3. Make sure your domain doesn’t have any number or hyphens because it’s difficult to read and remember.
  4. Try adding your focused keyword in the name.

For example – If you’re going to blog about blogging try to add the word blog or blogging in the URL of your blog.

Now you have your niche decided, your blog name decided it’s time for the next step.

Step 3: Get a hosting provider

What’s hosting?

You can think of it as a room which makes your website available to users around the world.

Bigger the hosting plan, more the space for your readers.

But since you’re just getting started so you don’t need to take a bigger, spacious room (hosting) for your blog.

You can start with the most basic one.

And that’s what I recommend you.

Of course, once you have enough traffic on your blog after few months, meaning your basic hosting plan (room) can’t accommodate those many visitors at a time then you can switch to a bigger hosting plan (Meaning bigger room).

But right now I want you to focus on the basic hosting plan.

So how do you get hosting plan for your website?

I love Bluehost.

There’s nothing I can say other than this.

It gives you a FREE domain name for the first year.

It’s user friendly. And most importantly it gives you 24/7 support.

Meaning you can contact the award winning support any time you want. But you won’t be needing that if you follow this article.

All you need to do is go to Bluehost by clicking here and you will see a beautiful button to “Get started”.

1). Click here for discount and then click Get started now.

bluehost hosting

You just need to click on that button and you will be shown different hosting plans.

2). Select the basic hosting plan (Recommended for new bloggers).

bluehost hosting package

The basic hosting plan will give you everything you need at the beginning.

Later, you may want to create more blog sites and you can always just upgrade your account for a couple dollars to get the plus account.

Which allows you to put an unlimited number of WordPress sites on one account.

Yep, unlimited! Yet another reason to love Bluehost.

3). Check your blog name

bluehost chose domain name

After selecting your hosting plan you will be asked to check whether your blog name which you chosen in step 1 is available for registration or not.

If it’s not available make some changes in the domain name and search again.

If your blog name is available, awesome.

4). Fill out your billing information

5). Chose your hosting package information 

You’ll be given three option 12,24,36 months. I recommend you to take it for 12 months.

You can always renew it when the time comes near.

For package extras uncheck all the boxes next to the products.

Later you can get these products as well if you decide you need them.

I uncheck these boxes when I sign up.

Next, you’ll have to fill out your payment details. You’ll have to put in your debit/credit card information but don’t worry, this site is really secure. 

They’ll also have you setup your Bluehost password so you can login to their hosting dashboard that they call “cpanel”. 

Once you’ve setup your login information you can login to the cpanel and install WordPress on your hosting.

Step 4: Install WordPress

You decided your niche and domain name. You took the hosting plan, which means you have an account on Bluehost.

Now the very next thing you need to do is to install WordPress on your hosting.

WordPress is a software which enables you to make your website without having any knowledge of coding.

Therefore you don’t need to write HTML codes to create webpages and posts.

WordPress will allow you to make your blog at a lightning speed.

And that's why WordPress is the most preferred software for blogging.

Now coming back to the work.

You log in to your hosting account and go to Cpanel.

There you will see WordPress. Just click on that and install it.

install wordpress bluehost

While doing so you will be given a bunch of options of themes to choose. Pick any one and finish the WordPress installation.

Don’t worry, you can change your theme later.

So, once you have installed WordPress, you need to log in to your WordPress account.

The Bluehost part is done now and you’ll only RARELY even need to access your Bluehost account.

Right now, you’ll access your WordPress site by going to (obviously, the “” needs to be whatever domain you chose).

But remember the”/wp-admin” part. That’s what you will type in every time you go to your blog. You’re going to type this over 1000 of times over the coming years.

Just type in the username and password which you will set while installing WordPress on your hosting.

Or if you didn’t pick a username and password, then Bluehost will have emailed you the username and password.

Now, once you’re logged in to your WordPress blog account you need to do these basic things and then you can actually get your site going.

Step 5: Pick a WordPress theme

Theme is a software and coding that builds a layout of your website.

This is the time where you need a great WordPress blog theme which saves you time and gives you better design for your blog.

You have two options. You can go with WordPress FREE theme as well as paid theme.

NOTE: Your earning potential will always be limited with a FREE theme.

You can’t compare a FREE theme with a paid theme.

Paid theme saves you time, gives you better design and many functions which make your blogging experience amazing.

And if you have extra $50-$100 then you should take a paid theme and you will never regret it.

But as a newbie I recommend you to start with a FREE theme.

Start by playing around with FREE themes so you get your feet wet and understand WordPress.

wordpress theme

Click add new and you will be shown countless of FREE WordPress themes which will make your eyes pop.

After installing the theme of your choice.

wordpress theme install

Click customize and start customizing your blog the way you like.

Customize theme

Step 6: Install WordPress plugins

You can think of plugins as an app which makes the work easier.

So, in this step I want you to go to plugins and click on installed plugins. Delete all the existing plugins one by one.

Yes all of them.

Install and activate these FREE plugins instead.

Go to plugins and click on add new.

Add new WordPress plugins

Then in the search bar, you type these names given below and start installing and activating them one by one. 

Yoast SEO plugin

These are some of my favorite WordPress plugins.

  • Yoast SEO
  • Classic builder
  • Insert headers and footers
  • EWWW image optimizer

Now you’re ready to start creating post and share with the world.

Step 7: Create & publish your first post

You’re just one step away from launching your first post.

Go to post and click on add new.

add new blog post

There you will find a place to write the headline of the post and the real content.

After writing the headline and the content edit the permalink. 

what is permalink

This would be the final link of your blog post which you can just share with your friends and family or anyone you want.

After doing this hit publish.


You've gone live. You just published your first blog.

And this is how you can keep publishing lots of content which we call blogging. 

Step 8: Install Google Analytics 

To get into the real fun part you need to install Google analytics on your blog. 

This is a FREE website analytics tool from Google. Even though it’s FREE yet it’s still the best analytics tool out there.

Go to Google analytics page and set up your account.

Find the tracking code from Google analytics and then paste it in the head section of your blog.

To find the Google analytics tracking code

Click on admin  

Google analytics

Under property sub tag, click on tracking code  

Google analytics code

Copy this code and come to your WordPress.

Go to settings and click on insert headers and footers. 

Insert headers and footers

Paste the tracking code in header and hit save.

You’re done. Google analytics is installed.

You can check that by going to your blog from your mobile and you will see the number of user there along with many information about them.

Step 9: Write EPIC blog posts

You’ve everything set up now.

You’ve launched your blog and can track your blog’s performance but without having crazy amazing content no one is going to come to your blog.

You need to be super helpful with your content so learn how to write the best blog post possible which gives AHA moments every time your audience reads it.

To know more about writing viral blog posts read my in-depth article on it.

I’m sure you won’t regret.

Step 10: Promote your articles (Get high traffic on your blog)

If they don’t see your masterpiece, then it ain’t really a masterpiece.

There you go. There I said it.

I have seen so many bloggers churn out content after content thinking people will come automatically.

But all they hear is crickets.

That’s because promotion is equally if not more important than creation.

And only the 1% of top bloggers actually know how to promote their content masterfully.

From having the right social media strategies, to building a big enough network who’ll always support you and put your content out there to the masses.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go out there and build valuable relationships and partnerships.

And promote the heck out of each other.

The most basic initial steps you can take is promote your blog post on all your social media. Be it facebook, Twitter, Insta anything…

If you have some contacts you can send them emails, or messages with your blog post’s link letting them know your blog is out and it will give them shit ton of value.

This way you will start getting some good amount of traffic on your blog.

Step 11: Make money blogging

You have a launched a brand new blog.

You have written epic contents and promoted them.

Now it’s time to make money blogging.

The most easiest thing you can do is sell ad space.

Just sign-up for Google Adsense and paste the code on your blog.

They will find the advertisers for you and write you a check every month.

If you start getting shit load of traffic on your blog you can always switch to other ad networks like Mediavine or AdThrive.

Your blog’s revenue will shoot to the sky.

To 10X your blog revenue even further you can start email list building and sell products or services to your subscribers.

That’s it.

I hope this article was helpful and you got what you’re looking for plus additional bonuses.

Now I’d Like To Hear From You

There you have it:

My 7 easy steps to start a blog from scratch and additional 4 steps to make the most out of blogging.

Now I’d like to hear from you…

Have you already decided your niche?

Or wanting to give my method a try?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

About the Author Shakir Jamal

Shakir is a professional Internet Marketer and blogger who helps ambitious men and women build profitable blogs and scale to $10,000 (or more) per month in 90 days (or less), so they can replace their 9-5 rat race income with a laptop passive income.